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One choice at a time

Transformationship brings a distinctive perspective to personal development, focusing on freedom of choice, accountability, and healthy boundaries. Unlike most traditional approaches, we value the individual's journey, empowering them to make choices aligned with their beliefs. Our emphasis on healthy principles, coupled with a deep respect for personal accountability and the importance of setting healthy boundaries, distinguishes us in the personal development landscape. We reject the belief that faithful living removes choices or is about controlling others. We provide a space where freedom and responsibility converge to inspire lasting positive change in the lives of our community.


Happiness is (meant to be) contagious and Transformationship is invested in spreading it to throughout the world. We are here to help you grow more directly, love more effectively, communicate more masterfully, and live more choicefully. Mike and Melanie are happy to share presentations and products on finance, physical health and mental wellness, and transforming all your relationships into more fulfilling ones. 


Check out or courses, books, and swag, or enjoy our presentations on your favorite platform or live and in person!

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