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About Us

Mike and Melanie Troxell are a dynamic team with many years of experience in live presentations, marriage seminars, and one-on-one coaching on relationships, personal growth, financial success, and healthy living. They are especially passionate about helping individuals and couples improve their communication and their direction.

 Join our community today and to access exclusive content and resources that will empower you become a better friend, lover, parent or child. Enhance your communication and life skills to design your destiny!

Enjoy our live seminars, courses, and other materials or sign up for coaching.

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Mike Troxell

Mike has 6,000+ hours of public speaking and 30 years of leadership experience. He speaks and writes on finances (money, investing, debt elimination, and budgeting), relationships, mental wellness, and personal development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people to thrive in their relationships and daily lives, one choice at a time.  We are dedicated to infusing knowledge, skills, and the resources needed to foster effective communication, financial harmony, physical and mental health, fulfilling relationships, and personal growth. With a commitment to excellence, authenticity, and continuous learning, we aim to strengthen the foundation of relationships and inspire lasting love and fulfillment in the lives of people worldwide.

Melanie Troxell

Melanie has 27 years of community health education and leadership and 10+ years as a cardiac-vascular nurse. She speaks and writes on relationships and personal development, mental and physical health, specializing in nutrition, weight management, diabetes, heart diseases and osteoporosis.

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